Volunteering Ilkley, Images © Barry Wilkinson Photography or Steve Butler
Could you give an hour for voluntary power?

The Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group will merge over the next few weeks into the Ilkley Community Network. Existing partners will work to make sure that current needs are met. The local helpline 07375 803 693 remains available.

If you NEED HELP collecting shopping or prescriptions, or just need someone to talk to, Ilkley Corona Response Group (ICRG) can be contacted on 07375803693, please leave a message, or use the online form at https://bit.ly/ilkleycorona

​​To VOLUNTEER there are the different numbers and forms as above where you can register, they will all send your details back to ICRG, so you only need to register on one.

​ICRG have launched a new website in conjunction with the Ilkley Round Table to enable people to make donations to support the work of the group, please visit ilkleyresponse.co.uk.

​​If you live outside of Ilkley please contact the Bradford Council Contact Centre on 01274431000 or via peoplecanbradforddistrict.org.uk, details will be referred back to your local hub.

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